Status of CommunityCellularManager


There have been some non-authoritative statements on the OpenBSC mailing list (see that TIP had abandoned CCM. This seems to be supported by the fact that states that it has been “archived” and is marked “read-oinly” by the owner.

That was a bit of a surprise to me, as I don’t remember any related announcement.

Also, at TIP Summit last week there was still talk about CCM as a software option on the OpenCellular hardware, such as OC-SDR and OC-2G.

It would be great to have some official statement about this. What’s that status of CCM? Is it still supported by FB/TIP? If not, what kind of software stack are OC Grant Awardees with no connection to a classic operator core expected to use?



Hey Harald,

I am really grateful to you for asking this question as we are just about to make a strategic decision about which cellular manager admin client to invest time into Docker-ising so that it can be easily installed on our server.

We need to make the right decision based on our needs and essentially this is for the easiest install possible.

Despite being no longer officially supported, it still looks like regular contributions have been made to CCM this year on the community github. . RCCN has only had one contributor committing to it regularly since 2015.

What I would really like to know is, which elements of the CCM, if any, are inside the Docker version of TowerOS and therefore on the access point. .

Do we need to dockerise and add all 5 of these components ourselves into TowerOS?

  • client: The software running on an OpenCellular (or similar hardware) access point. Manages subscribers, routing, and access locally while being controlled by the cloud components.

  • openbts-python: A client for openbts-based systems to communicate with CCM-based clients.

  • osmocom-python: A client for osmocom-based systems to communicate with CCM-based clients.

  • common: Libraries shared between the client and cloud stack.

  • sms_utilities: A standalone library for working with SMS PDUs.

RCCN seems to just require 1 component on the access point, that exposes the REST api, but I could be mistaken.

I think that eventually I would like to write a new manager using Typescripted NodeJS and React. As part of a different discussion, I would like to know what are the absolute basic feature requirements for managers like this, for managing customer access in amateur community networks?