Power for the OC


Questions on how to power the basestation


Euan, what exactly you are looking for?

You can use DC (18-32VDC, in current version and 12-48VDC in subsequent version), LTPoE++ or regular 48VDC passive PoE injector.


Hey Kashif,
My name is Brackley from Pamoja Net Team with Euan. We are working on a boost converter already to power the base station from a 12 V Gel battery , so far we are moving forward but I will like to know how much current the OC needs ?and the power it consumes once powered with a DC source ?So far we have use this design to power toughswitchs on DC source.Bellow is the design for the DC boost, the circuit is based on 555 IC timer to produce pwm signal also on two differential comparators Lm311.designIMG_20181106_120622_01


Hey Brackley,

Great to hear from you.

To compensate for temperature, you can design your circuitry for 4-5A at 12VDC although the OC-SDR will consume ~40W.

Are you trying to charge the batteries from 240V AC, and then directly use the battery for powering the unit?


Hey Kashif,
If it needs 12VDC on 5 A, then that’s a lot power, around 60 W of power.No am not trying to charge the battery from an AC source , I wish we had AC power source because it will be so much easier to construct a DC power supply which can deliver 5 amps on 12V. The battery will be charged with an MPPT controller from solar, then directly power it from the battery.But I wanted to be a bit efficient by adding a circuit between the battery and the unit which draws current in sequence instead of just powering the unit directly from the battery.