OC-2G hardware design files


Dear OpenCellular community,

as far as I understand, the OC-2G design has been contributed by NuRAN to OpenCellular as OSHW (Open Source Hardware). However, at https://github.com/Telecominfraproject/OpenCellular and in other locations (dropbox folder, TIP website OC project, …) I could only find OC-SDR and/or OC-LTE design files, but not anywhere those of OC-2G

  • Electrical Schematics
  • Circuit Board Layout
  • Electrical BOM
  • any other related materials

Where can we find the related design files in editable original format as well as PDF format?

It has also been stated verbally by several people I interacted with that the NuRAN PHY while being proprietary is provided as royalty-free binary. Is there some kind of formal statement about this anywhere?

Thanks in advance to the OpenCellular working group to clarify this to the benefit of all related users.


OC-2G files are now pushed into mainline:

https://github.com/Telecominfraproject/OpenCellular/tree/master/electronics/oc-2g << electronics files.
https://github.com/Telecominfraproject/OpenCellular/tree/master/hardware/oc-2g << enclosure/system


Thanks for sharing the schematics and CAD files for PCBA + enclosure. However, what I couldn’t find in those files was information on the wiring between the individual components, such as the wiring between the interernal PCBA and the extrernal connectors.

In the BOM, this seems to be e.g. 610-150-E, 610-145-A, 610-118-A which all appear to be manufactured by Nutaq, and are not standard parts available off the shelf.

Without that information, not even the connector pin-out, particularly of the combined UART + DC Power input is known.

It would be great if you could publish those parts, too.


As another side note, the schematics are primarily English but containing a number of french notes. The BOM seems to be mostily in French altogether.

It might be a good idea to use only one language all over the schematics to increase the numer of people being able to read them. But that’s of course up to OpenCellular to decide.