License of OpenCellular hardware design files


It’s great that projects like OC-SDR and OC-LTE are released as open source hardware.

Is there any formal statement / position of the OpenCellular project as to which particular license terms those hardware design files are released?

In general, OSHW just describes an abstract class of conditions/licenses.

For a discussion about OSHW licenses, see

Popular choices are the CERN Open Hardware License as well as the TAPR Open Hardware License. However, also Open Source licenses or Creative Commons licenses are used by some projects.

Finally, is there any plan to have any of the OC hardware projects to be OSHWA certified? The certification is - as far as I understand - free, and it would give more credibility to the wider community that in fact the related projects are compliant with the Open Source Hardware Definition.

Thanks for your consideration.


The hardware files are released under CC-BY. There is definitely plan to get OC HW project OSHWA certified so ensure it is meeting the widely accepted OSH definition by the community.