Documentation on software architecture / options


Similar to the question I posted in the hardware section, I am looking for manuals/documentation on the software/stack options on OC-SDR, OC-2G and OC-LTE.

From a user point of view, I think one would normally expect documentation that covers the following topics:

  • system level software architecture (from OS upwards, package management, …)
  • available software options / installation images, and how to obtain them, for all options like (for 2G, as that’s what I’m familiar with; same applies for OC-LTE, too)
    ** Osmocom stack with NITB + CCM
    ** Osmocom stack with OsmoBTS only (OC-2G and OC-SDR)
    ** Osmocom stack with OsmoBTS + OsmoNITB + CCM
  • software/firmware upgrade procedures

Particularly once groups like the OC Grant winners will receive their systems, this information is very much needed, IMHO.